Flatulence is a condition in which a person has too much gas in stomach or intestine that may place him/her in a very embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. The person suffering from flatulence feels strong urge to pass gas repeatedly, and may have bloating too.

Though everybody has it but having it in excess and chronic, needs to pay attention and the person suffering from it must consult the doctor as it may lead to many other problems.

Causes and prevention

There are two main sources of gas in a person's stomach or intestine- swallowing excess gas and gas that is produced by undigested food.

1. Swallowed gas unintentionally during the activities like chewing gum, drinking carbonated drinks, smoking and using other tobacco products. Sometimes a person swallows air without knowing it out of habit.

2. Improper digestion of food also creates gas so person concerned must chew the food properly and slowly so that it may get digested. Also one must not lie down just after eating.

There are certain foods that must be avoided to get relief from flatulence. High fiber containing foods create more gas so one may limit his use to these food items like whole wheat bread, beans, cabbage, apple, onion, berries pears apricots nuts, dates prunes raisins. Also intake of carbonated beverages and dairy products use must be lessened.

Now there are certain foods that prevent flatulence

1. Ginger - Taking ginger with jaggery gives relieve from flatulence.

2. Fenugreek seeds - Taking fenugreek seeds in stomach in morning with warm water cures flatulence.

3. Guava - Taking raw guava after taking meals helps in digestion of food.

4. Potato - Juice of raw potato are helpful in relieving from gas.

5. Castor oil - Mix a spoonful of castor oil with milk and take it.

6. Asafetida - Take asafetida with black salt in a cup of warm water and add some dry ginger powder to it and take it for an instant relief from gas.

7. Buttermilk - Take buttermilk mixed with black salt and dry mint powder every morning. It is an effective remedy for flatulence.

And last but not the least try to be calm so that your stress levels are down, take regular walk do exercise, donâ€â„¢t try to eat too much, wear loose cloths.

If you take care of all these points you will surely be able to cure your flatulence problem to a large extent.

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