Rows and rows of inviting pastries, pies, cookies and cakes in brightly lit bakery cases entice young and old alike. Proper display of the tasty treats prepared with great care by your staff is very important. Unless your bakery goods are a visual delight, it’s going to be difficult to convince customers that they are gastronomic wonders and a good bakery case can be a great help in this matter. Made up of welded steel, aluminium or other metal frames, bakery cases are often melded with glass and acrylic. More often than not, these bakery cases are custom made to order to fit into shops and stores of varied dimensions. Moreover, different shops specialize in different products and have their specific needs which only a custom made bakery case can fulfil.

Keeping the unique needs of each customer in mind, Marc Refrigeration makes top quality custom made to order bakery cases. Quite a number of bakers prefer special top shelf lights to highlight their best delectable delights in the bakery case whereas others opt for small wall mountable cases to save floor space. Even large items like cakes and breads look attractive and inviting in these wall mountings.
Light fittings add to the impact of the bakery case whether they are vertical front lights or interior lights that come with safety shields. A number of bakery cases are installed with brown blubs to lend a warm and golden tint to bakery products. Matching trays that are available with a number of bakery cases make the display even more attractive. Available with both sliding and hinge doors that keep the bakery case airtight while maintaining the temperature and prevent moisture from collecting, these displays are absolutely essential to maintain the freshness of the bakery goods.

Since your entire bakery business depends on your bakery display case, it is wise to go for the best brand while buying one for your shop. Marc Refrigeration is one of the oldest and most reputed brands in commercial refrigeration industry who offer affordable and customised made to order bakery cases backed by quality after sales services.

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