The new HTC Wildfire has now been released on a second network operator, originally launched on Vodafone deals the Wildfire is now being offered on a range of O2 pay monthly deals.

This new network launch means that there are now almost double the number of deals available for the HTC Wildfire to consumers making it far easier to match their usage requirements with the tariffs on offer.

The HTC Wildfire is the latest phone release from and joins the recently released HTC Desire and Legend mobile phones, taking the same sized 3.2 inch touch screen as the Legend as well as the 5.0 mega pixel camera, new Friend Stream service and running the latest Android 2.1 operating system the new Wildfire mimics many of the features found in these higher priced handsets.

By slimming down the 3.7 inch touch screen of the Desire the new HTC Wildfire does not need the same processing power and by negating 3D graphics boosting and AMOLED this latest phone is able to come in at a much cheaper price point.

Other features include the optical trackpad found in the HTC Legend and Desire as well as two new applications which make social networking and sharing a much easier and more fun experience. The first adds both a profile picture and birthday of your online friends to their contacts entry whilst the second allows you to share your favourite applications with them via text message.

The Wildfire takes a very similar design point to the Desire with a slim frame and rounded corners and could even be referred to as the HTC Desire Mini!

This new phone is aimed at those on a tighter budget who do not want to sacrifice on either style or features, although not available yet the HTC Wildfire will be available on Pay As You Go deals as well so even those with a poor credit score will be able to get their hands on this latest HTC device.

The model that has been released on both O2 and Vodafone deals is the graphite edition, the new HTC Wildfire is also due to launch in red, white and black colour variants over the coming weeks. There are also plans to release the handset on further network operators with T-Mobile, Virgin and 3 Mobile already confirming that they will be stocking this new handset.

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