(Submit Articles) Sperm count is the number; this term is used to refer to the concentration of sperms in one milliliter that can be ejaculated at any given time. The world Health Organization has a benchmark of 20 million sperms per milliliter as mandatory for any meaningful conception to be felt. Such a high number and it is only one that is required to fertilize, tells you what kind of trouble the sperms go through in the long journey to where the egg is situated. Sperm morphology and motility count in any consideration on the health of the sperms; sperms must be able to climb the cervix; swim through all cataracts to the right fallopian tube that has a ready egg.

The basic criterion on numbers of sperms is to maintain good overall health; good health means taking stable food and avoiding excesses from alcohol to smoking. Eat more whole food than processed refined food what you eat is what you get. The food that you eat now determines the looks of your sperms in 60 to 70 days time. Food that is rich in proteins and vegetables and low in fat is exceptionally good for sperm production. Body exercise on a regular routine is important; getting shape and maintaining it and not over doing it is perfect for high sperm production. In extreme cases, take herbal supplements to boost low elements.

The minerals to watch are zinc and selenium; these two happen to be trace in our diet and must be looked for somehow. The foods that supply are available and should be sourced as often as possible. The amino acids required include L-cartinine and L-arginine; both play a role in sperm motility by boosting sperm physiological processes. L-cartinine especially is very specific when it comes to spermatogenesis and growth. Vitamins C and E are crucial in sperm production besides acting as antioxidants.

Besides good health food; every mention of what may negate the process is considered and brought to the surface; these are habits that should be avoided at all cost. Anything that may injure the scrotum or cause excess heat should be avoided. These are tight underpants, the habits of long stay at saunas and other places reduce considerably sperm production. A health body weight means an average body size; because excess weight gain or loss exerts undue pressure to the endocrine system. Use of anabolic steroids in body building has long term damaging effects and should be avoided at all costs; these steroids on stoppage cause testicular shrinkage thus affecting sperm production. You are also advised to keep off from toxic chemicals of any kind from pesticides to paints. Exposure to radiation and heavy metals plus any environmental hazards is damaging to sperm stability.

Cut off the wrong diet; eat lots of organic meat and dairy products, avoid soy food and cleanse your body of toxins. Take more supplements to balance diet and maintain a regular exercise routine. Soy food has damaging effects by producing an estrogen like competitor and locking out the actual estrogen from doing its work. This lock and key hypothesis propagation is dangerous to the body.

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