Introducing A Fully Automatic Papad Making Machine From Kirtiraj Equipment

06 Jan

Seller Kirtiraj Equipment has been selling papad making machines for the past 32 years. With over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing many a papad making machine, the company now sells fully automatic papad making machines too.

An Indian company named Kirtiraj Equipment has been selling machines that can help the Indian and other hospitality industries across the world for 32 years now. However, it has recently decided to introduce a machine that makes papads automatically. The company has a comprehensive range of products such as machines for roll making, papad making, etc. that can be used at restaurants, hotels, and other key players in the food industry.

According to the spokesperson of the company, it has been associated with many international and national names for supplying them high quality equipment for their respective industries to help them flourish their business. The spokesperson said, “We have been known to manufacture several machines but the king of all machines, which is the fully automatic papad making machine has been recently introduced by us to the market. Our customers can even get it customised according to their precise requirements so that they would not have any problems later on while preparing papads for their customers.”

This heavy duty machinery can help people make papadams in large quantities and you would not have to worry about whether they have come out perfectly since this machine would do the needful for you. In fact, it would also cut the papadams in shape and press them neatly on your behalf. You do not even have to do all this manually. “Your customers would not have to worry whether the papadams were made hygienically by you since the machines would handle these on your behalf. Moreover, they are food grade machines. So, you do not even have to worry whether they are really the kind of machines that can be used for preparing food items,” said the enthusiastic Chief Executive Officer of the company.

With their comprehensive testing and development mechanisms, the company boasts of providing the perfect solutions to their customers for mass papad making. With their innovative and highly reliable products, the company aims at fuelling the growth of the hospitality and other industries, where foods are made en masse. They have manufactured papad making machines, machines that grind the dough for papads, roll making machines, cutting machines, etc. However, the latest product is truly a great innovation in the making of papads. “The design of the machine is so robust that it will withstand years of demand performance. However, you need to take care not to overuse it,” said a representative of the company.

One can check the different kinds of equipment that they are offering their customers on their website. If you would like to have your machine customised too, the company would gladly help you out. They have the widest range of commercial kitchen products and if you are the owner of an Indian restaurant elsewhere in the world, you can simply place an order for their machines and enjoy the advanced nature of this fully automatic technology.

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About the company: Kirtiraj Equipment is a company that manufactures world-class machinery that helps their customers in the hospitality industry prepare foods at high speeds.
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