When a person thinks about investing is a self storage building, the first dilemma he or she faces is whether or not to opt for climate controlled facilities. This article will help you to make the right decision and get on with your new moving storage business.

The Cost Factor

Naturally the cost of setting up a climate controlled facility is more than that in an ordinary facility. The difference is usually a little more than a dollar per sq. foot. A climate controlled self storage warehouse is also associated with greater maintenance costs. However, it is notable the profits associated with these self storage buildings are also greater than the regular ones. Also, it caters to specialized clientele so there is less need for promotions as compared to its counterparts. The chances of running a successful side business of insurance are also greater with these faculties.

Structural Differences

The climate controlled facilities are not just regular self storage buildings with ACs installed. There are many other complications involved. If you do not take care about these factors your monthly bill from ACs will be significantly high.

The vapor barrier of a regular building is only 2 inches. As opposed to this, the climate controlled units are insulated. This is done to prevent condensation and other issues related with moisture. The insulation in these facilities is more than 5 inches on the roof and more than 3 inches on the walls. Remember that if you try to save some quick bucks on the insulation then you will lose money on your electricity bills.

Placement of AC Units

Many people will tell you that you need a separate unit after every 15 ft. This couldn't be any farther from truth. What really matters is the ratio of air volume and square footage of area. For instance, if your steel self storage buildings are 30x100 ft. in size, then an AC of 5 ton air capacity is more than sufficient to deal with it. For larger establishments, you can install a single AC at each end.

The electricity bill of climate controlled self storage buildings can be significantly reduced by facilitating proper air circulation. However, many people find installing extra ducts an expensive affair. They install a number of ceiling fans to deal with this issue. This is just as effective as ducts if done in a proper way.

Maintaining Optimum Temperature Levels

It is costly to maintain the temperature around 70 Fahrenheit. At least unless there is something ultra sensitive stored at your self storage buildings. You should aim to keep the temperature levels under the mark of 90Ã,º during summertime and above 45Ã,º during the cold season. Also you have to see that the humidity is around the mark of 55 percent.

If you want to get the most of your investment with self storage buildings then invest in quality materials during the construction process.

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