Colors definitely play an important part in our lives. In fact, without color, everything would just be dull and boring. Color is that significant. Even psychologists believe in the power of color and what it can do to influence the one whoâ€â„¢s looking at it.

It is therefore important that a business owner when marketing with collaterals should be able to understand what color can do to increase the effectiveness of their marketing tools. Choosing the right colors then can make a world of difference to how your target clients will accept or discard your marketing collaterals.

Commercial printing, whether it is online printing or the conventional one, needs to be aware of the essential things when applying color to any printing project. Colors are necessary to establish the position of the printed material in the market. An excellent printing company would know all about that.

Generally, printing companies utilize full color, two-color printing, as well as Pantone. When you ask your printing company, this is where you should start:

First, you should know the fundamental printing colors, e.g. the RGB (Red, Green and Blue). These three are the standard colors when it comes to printing marketing materials. In fact, they are the default colors for printing. This means that with these three base colors, any printer, whether online printing or conventional, can produce hundreds of different colors when they play with these colors.

The RGB is ideal for desktop publishing; nevertheless, there is a limitation to the RGB, especially when you use it to online printing. Some colors from these may not be able to appear as exactly and as true to the original shade from that of your screen. This is because most printing companies use CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) for the printing process.

Next, knowing your color printing would also make it easier for you to create effective materials. Two-color printing is of course a printing process that uses two colors. As such, it is the most cost effective when it comes to all the color printing processes. But most printing companies apply the four color process using the CMYK. These four colors are used as base to mix and match and produce thousands of other colors.

The most important thing to remember is that color printing is the most efficient process as it remains to be true to the original colors you see in your monitor. From the original colors such as the RGB, a marketing collateral can have a plethora of shades by simulating this most basic of colors in printing. The only thing you have to remember is to make sure that you have provided your printing company with the correct layout file that would be equivalent to either RGB or CMYK for a smooth flow in your printing process. It would ensure that you get the exact reproduction of the colors in your advertising materials.

Nevertheless, color printing can have errors too despite their reputation of having been equipped with high caliber printing presses and other printing sources. You have to consider these errors when creating your marketing tools to ensure that you get high quality material that reflects a good image.

Finally, you have to consider your budget. You have to determine how much you are willing to pay for quality printed materials. If you have budget constraints, you need to consider it so you would know what economic printing to go for. You can always rely on color printing to help you increase your income and profits.

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