(Submit Articles) Popcorn is a popular food which has been enjoyed for generations amongst Americans and also worldwide. In this article we are going to look about the health benefits of eating popcorn.
We will be looking at packaged popcorn, making your own popcorn and the various flavourings which you can add to popcorn to make it even more enjoyable to eat. This article is purpose is to help you to decide whether you should eat popcorn as part of a nutritionally balanced diet.
Everyone likes to eat popcorn and the smell of freshly cooked popcorn is very pleasant. It is easy to buy packaged popcorn from the supermarket or the corner store. This is not a very healthy form of popcorn to eat. Unless you buy a low fat popcorn then this kind of popcorn is usually high in fat and contains a lots of preservatives and artificial ingredients. A more healthy alternative is to make your own by using a machine.
You can make your own popcorn quite easily by using a machine. These machines are usually either oil or hot air popcorn makers. The hot air popcorn makers make the most healthy popcorn because they do not contain any oil. Microwave made popcorn usually contains oil whereas hot air popping machines do not require oil in order to cook the popcorn. Regardless of whether you use hot air or oil to cook your corn, the flavorings you use are the most important factor in answering the question is popcorn healthy?
You can use a variety of flavors to make your popcorn really tasty. Although it can be eaten plain it can be rather tasteless and boring without any flavorings. You can put salt, toffee, chocolate, cheese, butter, butter substitute or even herbs into your popcorn to add flavor to it. Is popcorn healthy? Yes popcorn is healthy if cooked in a hot air popcorn Popper and flavored using ingredients which are not harmful to your health.
As you can see from what we have discussed above, popcorn in itself is a very healthy food to eat. Especially if it is cooked using a hot air popcorn popper and not oil. It is the flavorings which we add to popcorn which can make it less than healthy. Popcorn is fine to eat as part of a nutritionally balanced diet so long as you do not add too much salt, butter and other flavorings which should really be eaten in moderation.

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