(Submit Articles) The Spaniard has won the last two races in a row and finds no reasons to believe that he couldn’tsign his third one at Suzuka.

With the championship on fire as only 25 points separate the fifth place from the first, and with four more races ahead, this Sunday’s 2010 Japanese Grand Prix has all the ingredients needed to make it one of the most thrilling races of the season.

The two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso is one of the favorites to win the title, and feels confident with the performance of his F10 to face one of the toughest racetracks in the circuit. His two consecutive victories at Monza and Singapore have helped Alonso not only to climb positions in the driver standings -boosting him to the second position -just 11 points away from the leader Mark Webber-, but have also proven that his vehicle has the necessary conditions to help him achieve his third win in a row.

The Spaniard has already tasted victory in Suzuka back in 2006, in a race that contributed to obtain what would be his second championship. Now days Alonso is after his third title, and once again this racetrack will play a vital role in the outcome of the season. He compared this circuit to the ones from Silverstone and Barcelona, as he finds them “similar“, and thinks that the key of being successful on it begins with a “strong vehicle from the aerodynamic point of view“.

Despite the good sensations that Alonso has for the race, he has been cautious when questioned about where is he standing, explaining that “we have to wait until Friday, when we have completed the training sessions“. And that can be considered as a smart decision, considering that the weather forecast has predicted heavy showers during Friday and Saturday, which will certainly affect the performance of the drivers, and their starting positions in the grid.

About the role that his teammate Felipe Massa might have in these four final races, the Brazilian himself has expressed that “I’m not going to go racing to be eligible for second place“. The antecedents from the 2010 German Gran Prix controversy on July 25 ““on lap 47 Massa received the order to let Alonso pass him to win the race, order that he followed- are still fresh in the memory of many. It has awakened many doubts about Ferrari’s orders for Massa, taking into consideration that he no longer has chances to win the title, while Alonso stands in a totally opposite scenario.

Massa far from evading these questions gave a very vivid picture of his situation, using his fellow countryman Rubens Barrichello as a living example of what he didn’twant to become. “For sure I am not Ferrari’s second Rubens Barrichello“. He went even further assuring that he would not run under those conditions.

Luca di Montezemolo ““Ferrari’s president- came out to support his driver by letting him and everybody else know that “Felipe is and will always stay a number one driver for Ferrari“, and has confidence in his two drivers to achieve the team goals.

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