Whether you and your fiancé are of Italian heritage or want to try something unique a theme for your wedding, then you may want to consider an Italian wedding theme. An Italian-inspired wedding is more than just any other wedding theme. Food is the heart of the celebration, which can have as many as fourteen dishes.
When planning an Italian wedding theme, you can slightly pare down about five to seven courses. Usually, beef or chicken is served as the main dish although you may substitute them with Italian sausage or pork. Serve an array of side dishes such antipasto, cheese, pasta, vegetables and seafood. Have Italian bread and fresh fruits like kiwi, sweet pineapples, grapes and strawberries as well. Moreover, you can pile a table high with Italian cookies or have sweet, delectable treats such as fried dough drizzled with powdered sugar. These treats are said to bring prosperity to the wedding couple.
An Italian-style wedding cake usually has several layers with figures of the bride and groom on top of the cake. It is best served with Italian coffee. Don’tforget to serve plenty of Italian wine too. Merlot and Chianti are excellent wine picks.
Music sets a great mood for your Italian-inspired wedding. Play to the tune of Italian opera singers beginning the reception and during dinner. Then, when it is time to dance, switch to upbeat Italian music.
When choosing a location, a quaint church or a historic mansion would be an excellent choice. You can also hold your wedding ceremony in a lush garden or overlooking acres of grapes. And since Italians are predominantly Roman Catholics, a mass is usually observed.
Also, a white Italian-silk wedding gown with a train is traditionally worn by the bride to represent purity. You may, however, go for an ivory gown, but you should probably stick with any of these colors. Also, a white tulle veil is important for the Italian wedding ceremony too. This is traditionally worn to cover the bride’s face until it is the groom’s moment to kiss her. In addition, the bride should have a tiny satin bag handy during the wedding rites. This is where she will stash the money that her guests will hand her.
Of course, no Italian wedding is ever complete without giving away small tokens to guests. You can hand out colorful candy almonds in small tulle wrappers and tied with satin ribbons. Also known as confetti, this traditional Italian treat is a great way to let your guests to cherish your beautiful Italian-inspired wedding.

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