London, October 28, 2013: The famous director Ross Boyask casts the star duo Jessica Jane Stafford and Mem Ferda in a perfectly blended storyline that will unveil its secrets layer by layer to enthrall the audience for a mesmerizing and captivating entertainment. Boyask is very confident about the success of his upcoming film Parallel Hell in which both the lead actors have played great roles. According to him, “Jessica is just fabulous and it’s her award winning performance, I would say.”

Jessica is also excited about her lead role against Mem Ferda and the unusual storyline that takes the audience to a serene and suspenseful countryside. The story has been developed by Martin John Solloway, and Boyask has also given his inputs to develop the story and make it a perfect presentation to thrill and somehow terrify the audience with the devil characters lined up for the audience. Boyask establishes that the story is somehow unique and movie viewers will like it as unexpected events make the story more eventful and full of suspense.

“There have been several films on the supernatural power and the good’s ultimate victory over the devil, but this story is somehow different. The way the story rolls out it becomes more interesting for the viewers,” reveals Jessica who seems to be more contented with her acting in the movie. The story unfolds in a beautiful manor house in a backdrop of countryside which an engaged couple Steve (Mem Ferda) and Janet (Jessica Jane Stafford) is visiting with a dream to build their new life together, with a little idea about that a deadly demonic force is going to take the couple through a satanic world which people even fear to imagine about.

The movie vividly depicts the couple’s struggles to come out of the demonic trap and relive the dream that they have seen together. It beautifully captures the emotions, human feelings and inner strength that the duo musters in order to defeat the evil forces and escape from the danger that is existing there at each step. What happens to them eventually is the ultimate climax that one can learn about after watching the movie and enjoying this interesting tale that features action-packed performance from Jessica Jane Stafford and Mem Ferda.

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