Guangzhou, P. R. China, October 28, 2013: There are many exciting features of the ZWCAD Architecture CAD software that is now available for free download. It helps in producing associative elevations, 2D sections and models of 3D from plans directly associated with the floors. With the necessary changes in the designs, the 3D models, sections and elevations can be updated thoroughly and it helps the designers, architects and other construction industry professionals in a great way. Many of them are excited about this new software and are now looking forward to download free cad software to learn more about its features.

Speaking about its key features, one of the developers of the company states, “The screen of ZWCAD Architecture offers tools which are categorised in accordance to the various areas of workflow. The screen menu can be expanded by clicking on the right button. Furthermore, the menu can be customised by forming simple interface and choosing clearly the items which are required.”

This launch will help ZWSOFT in establishing itself as an industry-leading tool developer that can bring more convenience and usability to the architects and designers. The software allows an individual to choose from the doors and different kinds of windows like rectangular holes, arc windows, bay and common windows. The positions of windows and doors can be worked out in batches and, the distances and widths between the walls can also be controlled. The wall will be able to mend on its own whenever a window or door is moved. This kind of advanced features will make it a desirable tool among all construction industry professionals.

Such an architecture tool would assist in producing various kinds of roofs such as flat, sloppy, complex or simple. The skylight or dormer windows can also be further added to the roof. ZWCAD Architecture offers a wide-ranging block library and hatch pattern library. The former involves various types of blocks, indoors, architecture and structure which are used often in the designs of architecture. Both such libraries assist in focusing on the design patterns and saving a lot of time on basic drawing related work.

In just a click, one can avail the statistical data table including building area, room area and house type. One can learn more about the software with its freecad download version which is available for free on the website .


ZWCAD Software Co. Ltd is one of the world-renowned providers of CAM/CAD solutions. It handles a clientele of 320,000 operating in about 80 countries. It is a well reputed, reliable and committed provider of CAM/CAD software to both MCAD and AEC industries. ZWSOFT has been successful in creating designs of products related to software and these have been capable of consistently satisfying both 3D and 2D needs.

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