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Jewellery display stands can make an enormous difference to the visibility, appearance and saleability of jewellery. GPX Group has been making this difference for over 60 years.

Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 8th April 2010 – Jewellery display stands are a critical part of selling jewellery, and choosing the right jewellery display stands is important to maximising the visibility and appearance of almost any item of jewellery. Laid flat or hung completely vertically many items of jewellery such as necklaces and drop earrings become much less appealing and less visible, reducing sales and interest. By choosing well designed, attractive and carefully considered jewellery display stands it is possible to display such items of jewellery in a way which is more natural, more appealing and significantly increases interest from potential customers.
GPX Group has been designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of jewellery display stands for over 60 years, and knows what it takes to create maximum impact without display stands becoming so bulky that they reduce the number of items that can be displayed. Their range of jewellery display stands is used by many of the most successful jewellery retailers in the UK.
When jewellery is worn it tends to hang at a certain angle, and fine jewellery is designed with this in mind. By displaying jewellery hanging from a single point or laid flat the original design becomes less apparent, and the style less appealing, reducing the impact it has. Drop earrings are often designed to catch the light, with gems allowing light to pass through it in many ways. By laying these flat or pinning them to a board, the light is trapped, and the visual appearance reduced.
GPX Groupâ€â„¢s wide range of jewellery display stands are designed to harness the light effectively and display the jewellery in ways which more naturally mimic the way jewellery looks when it is worn.
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GPX Group has been designing, manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of jewellery display stands for over 60 years.

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