The world might have gotten smaller but the number of products available on the shelves of stores seems to have just gotten bigger. Gone are the days when buying a bottle of soda was a stiff tie between either Pepsi or Coca cola, these days the competition is a lot fiercer.

Take the distressing case of cell phones for instance. Buying a new cell phone is a battle of nerves and patience. People have to choose from a wide range of manufacturers. There is the funky Sony Erickson to consider, the ever cool Nokia and about 2 dozen other well established manufacturing companies. And if that wasn’tenough, there is the worrying problem of deciding which of the many phones under the company best suits your needs. Do you choose a Nokia A or a Nokia B? Making the right decisions can be really difficult particularly when you have very little to base your decisions on. It is in situations like these that product reviews become helpful.

Today product reviews are very common. They are written insights into the offered products. Most reviews are written on the formulaic method of addressing both the advantages and disadvantages that can be found with a product. Depending on the nature of the product, the issue of technical compatibility can also be discussed.

Product reviews are written in different ways. Critic reviews are reviews that are written by professionals who are well versed in that area. A critic written cell phone review for instance will cover many of the technical details which a user might ignore or fail to notice. Critics are also better placed to compare various products found in the same category because of their past experience with these products. Their reviews are thus an assessment of the product based on the past, present and envisaged future.
On the other hand, product reviews can also be written by users. User written reviews are a summarisation of the qualities of the product based on the experience the user has had with it. In some instances, these reviews might differ with those written by a critic“”disagreeing on the phone’s reported rating. Users who have had some bad experiences can usually be counted on to provide mostly bad reviews while those that have had only good experiences will write good reviews.

In most cases, both of these reviews come with a star rating system. Critics and users rate a product based on its perceived effectiveness. A five star rating is the highest whilst 1 star is the lowest.

Regardless of which product review you decide to use, there is no questioning the fact that product reviews provide us with a better arsenal of information when we plan to go shopping. You not only get to have an idea of how the product functions as well as what it looks like, but you are also provided with a clearer idea of what the price range will possibly be like. When it comes to the world of shopping, information like that is priceless.

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