Los Angeles, CA: Mohr Publicity has been at the PR and promotions game for a long time, but even this well-established marketing firm was flattered when superstar Justin Bieber ”Liked” their Instagram Photo. 

“We did a press release reviewing Justin Bieber’s new social media site Shots of Me and were immediately flooded by traffic and comments when the star himself “liked” our photo,” says CEO Sandra Mohr. “It was PR that benefitted Mohr Publicity and Justin Bieber in a big way.” 

Launching a company press release that also ties in with celebrity news is an excellent way to give the PR top ranking positions online and in the news. And, as in the case with Mohr Publicity’s news article Mohr Publicity: Justin Bieber’s New Social Media Site is a Game-Changer, putting the names together ignited social media dynamite for the agency. 

“This story was ReTweeted and “Favorited” on Twitter more than any other news release we have posted in the recent past,” said a Mohr Publicity executive. “And because the PR was written with Search Engine Optimization in mind, it should rank well on search engines for months to come.” 

Another benefit of sharing a headline with a celebrity is the fan support that follows the PR. Justin Bieber has tens of millions of fans and followers and even if a very small percentage of that star struck flock is alerted every time something new comes along regarding the singer, there is the chance they will see, and share the story. Here are some of the comments fans made when Justin Bieber himself (who has an interest in supporting positive news stories about his Shots.me social media site) gave Mohr Publicity’s image a coveted “Like” on Instagram: 

just_a_girl_u_like - OMB JUSTIN LIKED UR PIC!!!SO LUCKY @justinbieber
instaaanoelle - Justin liked

Mohr Publicity did a similar story recently regarding YouTube sensation Jenna Marbles (aka Jenna Mourey) and added the keywords: Next Big Thing in Social Media for 2014. Comedian Jenna Marbles has over 10 million loyal YouTube subscribers and nearly 11 Million Twitter followers. With search engine optimization (SEO) like that, the company’s press release will definitely be “the gift that keeps on giving” through next year. 

Businesses should post monthly news releases, and make PR an integral part of their overall business plan. It is good for SEO, online visibility, and credibility. Adding a celebrity to the marketing mix can launch a company’s news into the stratosphere, make a star happy for the mention, and create “buzz” for both in the process. 

About Mohr Publicity: 

Mohr Publicity is a public relations agency built for the digital universe. They specialize in social media and Internet promotions including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest. Their companies Born To Be Viral and Next Big Thing News keep clients up to date on the newest Internet promotions. Mohr Publicity was established in 1997. 

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