United States of America; 16/11/2013 Gamers across the world must be quite familiar with the famous and popular series of Bloons Tower Defense games. Ninja Kiwi is the creator of the game and presently, the game has been made available to the Android and iOS platform. Gameof3Halves is totally dedicated to the series of games from BTD and promises to offer gamers from all over the world a wide selection of other popular games. Gamers can have access to this exciting game by referring to this link http://www.gameof3halves.com/game/bloonstowerdefense5.html . Those who have already encountered Bloon tower defense games must be well aware of the fact that, the main purpose of the game is to stop the balloons by purchasing the different types of items available. The units consist mostly of monkeys who have the task of slowing the invading balloons with different methods like ninja-like interception or sniper-fire.

The entire website of Gameof3Halves is based around the latest version of the BTD series of games. As the game progresses, players move up the levels and gain access to various types of innovative as well as exotic defensive forces. The levelling also brings rewards like XP which can be used by the gamers for upgrading versatility and strength of every individual unit. The best part about the game is its enemies which are nothing but, waves of balloons. Similar to the units, the balloons also arrive in different flavours always keeping the gamers guessing for what’s going to happen next. Some of the balloons exploded unexpectedly whereas some are extremely hard to stop especially, the lead balloons. Even, more troublesome are the huge air balloons which require a great effort from the units to stop their advancement. All the fun and excitement is made available by Gameof3Halves where the gamers can enjoy the game online without the need to download.

The entire designing of the game has been carried out quite innovatively so as to make sure that gamers have the best time playing the game. Starting from winding mazes to planetary clusters, the balloons take different routes at every level which makes it even more exciting. Gamers have the option to choose between three difficulty levels which include Easy, Medium and Difficult. Although, the game is available in the Android and iOS platform at a few dollars price but Gameof3Halves has made the game available online at http://www.gameof3halves.com/ . Along with this game there are plenty of other exciting and engaging games available within the site.

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