Ketogenic Recipes: Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes For Kids

30 Sep

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It is interesting to note that the diet that adults usually have can also be great for kids. The ketogenic diet has reportedly helped kids recover from certain illnesses such as seizures.

“The dietitian will help determine how much fat, protein, and carbohydrate your child is allowed to have, usually divided into three meals a day. The ketogenic diet can by very challenging to prepare and requires that all foods be weighed using a food scale. The ketogenic diet is not nutritionally balanced, therefore, vitamin and mineral supplements are needed,” the Children’s National Health System stated on the website.

This article presents an exciting ketogenic recipe that is perfect for children. Ketogenic chocolate cupcakes can be great additions to the lunchbox of these kids in school.

To make Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Cream, the ingredients needed are eggbeaters, cupcake cream, cream for the toppings, butter, macadamia nuts and sugar-free chocolate pudding mix. Parents also need to prepare chocolate flavoring, liquid sweetener, and baking soda.

It is easy to make this ketogenic recipe by just simply mixing the ingredients and baking the mixture. Demos Health website added that this recipe is also great for the holidays.

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