Water Systems Website Provides Tips On Improving Water Quality For Laundry

30 Sep

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A report on a water systems products website indicated that water quality is also associated with laundry. H20 Distributors noted that water quality can sometimes affect how soap and detergents react, and produce better fabrics.

The website also provided tips on how homeowners can properly condition water for laundry. These tips include saving water and reducing supply costs. Plus, read the rest of the article to find out how homeowners can know if the laundry water is high quality.

The first tip that the website indicated is to wash the cleaners. Washing the cleaners with softened water and the right soaps can remove all impurities. These impurities reportedly are responsible for making fabrics rough and hard. Experts say that softened water can reduce these issues.

“Softened water, with its reduced hardness and less soap curd, permits you to wash fabrics cleaner with less rinsing. Thus, it is often possible for a laundry to eliminate one rinse cycle completely, with no loss of laundering efficiency,” H20 Distributors noted.

Homeowners can also maintain laundry quality when reducing supply costs. For instance, they can use soaps instead of detergents. Some have reportedly succeeded in reducing costs by up to 50 percent.

How to test water quality?

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