A breathalyzer is a brand name of products that is made up from two words breathe and analyzer. Breathalyzer is basically a device that is used to estimate the blood alcohol content from a breath sample. The pioneer of these innovative products was Smith and Wesson and it was later sold to national Draeger. The US national highway traffic safety administration has a number of breathalyzers in their inventory. Breath analyzers or breathalyzers do not measure the blood alcohol content; the concentration of the alcohol in the blood can not be measured directly to. You need a blood sample for that. Breathalyzers are used to estimate the blood alcohol content indirectly in one’s breathing. Desktop breathalyzers uses infrared spectrophotometer technology hand held field devices use electro mechanical fuel cell. There are a number of models that were intended to be marketed in the consumer market. The devices in consumer markets were small in size as compared to the products and models used by law enforcement and were much cheaper too. Though breathalyzers are of great use but it too have one problem it can be easily fooled by a mouth wash anyone can fool a breathalyzer like this.

Answering machines

Answering machine that is also called answer phones especially in UK and some of the other common wealth countries. It is also called and referred as telephone answering device (TAD). This device was first made in 1935 by Benjamin Thornton and it was also made independently in Switzerland by Willy Muller. The device made by Thornton was used to be connected with the phone in order to record a voice message from the caller. It constituted of a timer machine that apart from forwarding the message also kept a track of the timing of the message. Answering machine that where used previously used magnetic tape technology. Most recent answering machines use solid state memory storage. There are a number of answering machine devices that use both media for storage. The first digital answering machine was brought into market by AT&T. The model of the answering machine was 1337. Answering machine nowadays has vital importance in order to get instant messages, the answering machines must be installed in the customer’s premises, and it should also be incorporated in the customer’s phone. There are a number of answering machines that can also screen calls if owner is trying to avoid any caller.

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