(World Press Release) Bochum, Germany, July 28, 2010 — The compact know-how of well-known drive manufacturers about energy efficient drives in the F&B Industry serves as tool to facilitate the necessary decisions in this industry.

Higher energy efficiency in the German F&B Industry is determined by the following facts referred to the total industry:

70% of the power consumption of the industry are allotted to three-phase motors with constant speed according to the European Commission. The energy consumption of these motors can be lowered by 20% to 30% subject to the European Commission. Frequency converters and servo converters provide such electronic speed regulation of motors serving this goal as substantial measure. Thus the regulation No. 640/2009 of the European Commission requires that certain motors must be equipped with electronic speed regulation starting from 2015.

These statements of the European Commission for the industry apply of course also for the fourth largest industrial sector in Germany, the F&B Industry, with about 5,900 operating units.

However, the drive technologies in the F&B Industry are versatile, the approach to energy efficient drives may be different. Therefore a technological guidepost in regard to the approach to energy efficient drives in the F&B Industry may be helpful. Such a guidepost facilitates and accelerates the necessary decisions of the operation and factory managers, the procurement managers, the electrotechnical planners and the managing directors in the F&B Industry.

The Quest Trend Magazine supports these decision-making processes by the focus topic “žKnow-how about energy efficient drives in the F&B Industry“. Three well-known drive manufacturers have focused and published their versatile know-how, which main starting points open to energy efficient drives in the F&B Industry. Supplementing articles offer product solutions and services regarding energy efficient drive. These articles are comprehensible and compact in German and English language. So they may be also noticed and considered at production locations and decision centres outside of the German linguistic area.

The decision and co-decision-makers particularly in the 400 large enterprises of the F&B Industry are personally informed about these publications in the Quest Trend Magazine. Interviews will cover the current requirements to energy efficient drives and the next intended steps in the enterprises. This in turn will make it easier for the drive manufacturers to meet in time and purposefully the planning of new production lines, modernisations and replacement demands along the energy efficient drives. This process is organised by Quest TechnoMarketing, the publisher of the Quest Trend Magazine.

You find the related articles in the Quest Trend Magazine on http://www.quest-trendmagazin.de/Nahrungs-und-Genussmittelindu.30.0.html?&L=1.

The Quest Trend Magazine supports the decision-makers in the F&B Industry by publishing further trends from the F&B Industry’s point of view: “žRequirements on sensors“, “žTrends to Ethernet in the F&B Industry“, “žThe role of the specifications“. The feedback of the decision-makers in the F&B Industry is likewise published in the Quest Trend Magazine.

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