(Submit Articles) Laptop battery is the lifeline of the laptop. It is through the charged battery that all operations are possible till it lasts. The battery is chargeable through power point. There is an indicator on the baseline tool bar which at all times displays the level of charge in the battery and its consumption over time; Most well charged laptop battery last an hour or a little more over that.
Laptop battery is classified as an accessory. They are light in weight environment preserver and affordable. The varieties available in the market cater to different brands and models of the laptop. Thus the cost is equally variable. The batteries are Lithium ion rechargeable ones with property of slow drain out of charge. A six month old battery will use up 10% of the battery in off mode.
There are ways and means to preserve the battery. Overheating prevention is the best way to handle the product. At a time keep the laptops working for half an hour for longer lasting life of Laptop Battery. The AC power is the best mode to operate the laptop. Up till now even the most reputed companies like the Apple or Dell have not been able to come out with a laptop model which lasts sufficiently long enough for consumers.
Laptop battery life can be elongated if it is operated on power saving mode. Visit the control panel go into power option and do the needful. These instructions are applicable to Window supportive laptops. Hard disc requires periodic defrag and if this is done less power will be used by the laptop. Certain power consuming operation should be shut down to conserve power. This includes printer, Bluetooth or anti-virus, when on safe sites. Multimedia based operations or sound based work draw out more power thus reducing the effective laptop time; when not in use put the laptop on hibernation mode for durability. Screen monitor backlight when dimmed uses less power. Listen to music through the head phone is also advised. Maintain the battery by cleaning it with moist cloth dipped in alcohol. Older model batteries require complete drain out every week. Every laptop should be discharged at least once in two months for circuits to function well.
Laptop batteries for Dell, IBM, Sony, Compaq, Asus, Acer and Toshiba are available online and delivered anywhere in the world. They come with warranty, one month’s trial and quick shipping of order. The life span of a battery is 11/2 to 2 years. It is best to procure the battery from a recognised manufacturer; repaired second hand batteries do not function well and give perpetual trouble.
The chemical classification of batteries gives them different names like Lithium, Ion, NiCad, or Nimh. Battery is simply an apparatus filled with chemicals which react with each other and generate electricity. An understanding of the battery properties aids in enhancing the battery capacity to operate longer. All batteries are safe to operate and it is some freak coincidence that some battery explodes once in a while. The reason for this may lie somewhere else.

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