Leading website reveals why students do not get admission.

18 Jan

The 2016 university report has shown that despite the high post UTME score, there are still so many students who are not offered admission into their University of choice. The revelation has been made by the web site Live School News. In addition, the web site has come up with the 5 major reasons why it is happening and how to avoid it.

The Universities in Nigeria are highly competitive and it takes only the best to get admission into one of these prestigious universities that have been pumping out Nobel Prize winners and prominent leaders of the world. Recent statistics have shown that despite the repeated mistakes, most admission seekers are left confused as to what they did wrong and what prevented them from getting the admission.

The web site’s article has further gone on to say that with just the right kind of help, anyone can easily get admission into some of the best Universities in Nigeria. A major reason that has led many promising students to lose admission has been the wrong UTME combination. There have been many with really good post UTME scores who have not been given admission just because they have the wrong JAMB subject combination.

It has also been made known that for most of the federal universities, the authorities still follow the policy of catchment area when to comes to selecting students to give admission. This policy is also followed by some state universities. In this case, prospective students living in the South West will get a better chance of getting into universities in the same area and vice versa.

There are also certain university policies that has prevented many promising students from getting selected. Each university has its own yardstick in selecting students and such criteria are not made public. For such reasons, students do not know why they have not been selected.


the liveschoolnews is a leading web site that has been offering all recent and updated information regarding universities in Nigeria. It is currently considered as one of the most reliable sources for students to get information.




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