Oroton Launches New Range of Luxury Fashion Accessories at Oroton

18 Jan

Oroton is a famous luxury fashion accessories brand operating in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia. Oroton’s most famous product is their high quality leather handbags which are unique in their design and are in compliance with the latest fashion trends in the industry.

Fashion these days is not just about wearing some fancy and expensive clothes. There are a lot of other things you have to consider now to look trendy. One of the most important things to look trendy are the fashion accessories. Fashion accessories play an important role in making you look good and trendy. Along with the evolution of fashion industry, the vision of people has also increased. If you want to look trendy, then they notice it and look for other accessories you are using along with your dress.

If you are wearing a trendy watch, good shoes and a beautiful leather handbag, or using a leather wallet in case of men, your sense of style will be liked and appreciated by people around you.

Oroton has the philosophy of making unique and beautifully designed luxury fashion accessories. Their watches, wallets, shoes and apparel items are in a class of their own and just their mere appearance on you make you look good and trendy.

Oroton has recently launched a big collection of leather handbags, wallets, shoes and apparel items. All this new range of luxury fashion accessories has been appreciated a lot among customers. All these accessories are available at more than 80 outlets in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia.

The most famous item of Oroton is the leather handbags. What makes Oroton handbags special is the highest quality material, attention to the details while designing these bags and a very reasonable price as compared to the other high end competitors in the market.

Oroton Group is a Sydney based public listed company which started in 1938 as fashion textile importer and later evolved to become one of the pioneering luxury fashion accessories brand in the Australia. Later, they expanded and included China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia in their target market. In the recent years, they have become the leading distributors of other luxury fashion brand. Their latest collaboration these days is with Brooks Brothers and Gap.
Contact Details:
Level 2, 409 George Street
Waterloo, NSW, 2017
URL:  http://www.oroton.com.au/
Australia Phone #: 1800 061 047
New Zealand Phone #:  0800 OROTON
International Customers: +61 2 8275 5500