UNIQUE Line Interactive High Backup Pure Sine wave UPS (LPS)

We are renowned manufactures of Line Interactive High Backup Pure Sine wave UPS systems. It’s near to perfect substitute for the ON LINE UPS systems.

The basic advantage of UNIQUE LPS UPS are:

“¢ Pure sine wave output.
“¢ Its input voltage range from 100Volts to 280Volts.
“¢ KVA rating available: 800VA/12V, 1000VA/12V, 1400VA/24V, 2200VA/24V, 2500VA/36V,3000VA/48V,5000VA/48V,6000VA/48V.
“¢ No other UPS comes in such high capacities in this category.
“¢ The DC Bus to Choose from in the respective category.
“¢ Settable Charging current according to the AH capacity of the battery.
“¢ Settable Under and Over Charging Voltage as per the battery (SMF,Flat plate, Tubular).

The output voltage of the UPS in the battery mode is stable from no load to full load and from full charge to battery low. Its wide input Voltage range in which it operates is from 100Volts to 280volts.The input voltage range of the other UPS in this category is 170Volts to 270Volts.So in low input voltage areas the other UPS goes to battery mode and discharge the battery UNIQUE LPS works on mains power and charge the battery.( Very important for Low voltage areas).

The DC bus for as high as high 6KVA is only 48Volts, The advantage of this is the application where the load is high for small duration of time, Where the customer wants to safe guard and shut down the critical load. For example, the stock exchange broker office where the customer wants to use maximum no of computers on UPS with the available govt. power supply. But in case of power failure he wants use all of them for very small period of time and shut down more than 50% of load and then use the remaining computers for long period of time.

If you will see most of the applications are near to the example maintioned.
As the DC bus is low the maintenance cost is less and the battery replacement cost is also less

The charger in UNIQUE LPS is based on advanced pulse charging technology.
We can set the charger from as low as 2 amperes to as high as 15 amperes. This gives us the flexibility to select the battery AH capacity as per the back up requirement.

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