There must be days when while looking in the mirror you ask yourself the million dollar question, “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?“ The mirror does not talk back because it reckons you know the answer already. It isn’tyou anymore. Your forehead looks like a line graph, your eyebrows look like NYSE just plummeted and nose is not your sharpest feature anymore. What can you do to about it?

Dr Yan Trokel, the leading New York cosmetic surgeon might just have some answers for you. Y lift provides a wide variety of options that can help you get back the vigor which you think was lacking. Procedures range from body sculpting, breast lift surgery, laser eyelid surgery and many more. Every procedure at Y lift is safe and guaranteed to deliver desirable results.

Let us be brutally honest here, nothing makes your day better than somebody compliment your looks. And to let you get this high in your life, one needs to “maintain“ himself/herself. Enter Dr Yan Trokel. At YAN Center for Corrective & Cosmetic Surgery, simple and safe procedures such as body contouring surgery and various body sculpting techniques one can get any part of one’s body reshaped. Body contouring surgery can also involve one to get rid of excess fat or skin which was just not happening using salad diets or exercise.

In New York Rhinoplasty also known as “nose job“ is the thing to get done. Besides enhancing the looks, it also ensures proper breathing from nose. One can easily remember New York’s Rhinoplasty as it was made famous by Jennifer Aniston role in her ever so popular Friend series on TV.

Many men and women also opt for procedures such as eyebrow lift surgery or forehead lift surgery. In New York, where fast paced life and stress gets the better out of you and your body, tiny incisions at certain points near forehead can help reduce frown lines. The New York forehead lift or New York eyebrow lift can help you turn back time and make you look younger. The laser eyelid surgery at Y lift can help you to get rid off any puffy skin around the eyes and make you look drop dead gorgeous. It would be needless to say what a breast lift surgery can do to enhance your persona.

Dr Yan Trokel, with loads of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery can be trusted to provide you with the most reliable and safe advice regarding enhancing or regaining your beauty. Being a Fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, this cosmetic surgeon from New York surely knows, what is takes to make you lift your looks and your spirit.

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