Magnesium Oil Spray by Purest Vantage Can Aid in Multiple Metabolic Functions

22 Feb

Orlando, FL — Feb 22, 2016 — Magnesium is present throughout the body and responsible for a wide variety of metabolic functions, interacting with other minerals to keep the body and mind healthy. It’s a co-factor in enzyme production, protein utilization, and forms alliances with other elements within the body to produce antioxidants, maintain the immune system and fight inflammation. Today’s consumers can augment their requirements with a pure magnesium oil spray.

The mineral is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions and processes within the body. Magnesium interacts with calcium to prevent bone loss found in osteoporosis. It combines with potassium, sodium and the trace mineral chloride to form electrolytes that conduct electrical impulses throughout the body in the form of nerve reactions.

When combined with chromium and the microelement zinc in the body, magnesium helps ensure sufficient energy resources and a return to a pre-exercise state, maintains cell health, and helps regulate body weight. Together they aid immune system health, the creation of genetic material, and the body’s ability to heal wounds.

Magnesium forms a partnership with chromium that works together with the hormone insulin to convert food into energy, control blood glucose levels, increase muscle mass and decrease fat. Magnesium combines with iodine to regulate metabolism, development and growth.

Sulfur is found throughout the body and facilitates magnesium absorption. It combines with magnesium for building proteins, detoxification, and the formation of cartilage and connective tissues. Sulfur works with magnesium and selenium to produce the body’s natural antioxidant, glutathione.

Magnesium and phosphorus are important for individuals at risk of bone loss and those with conditions that affect the teeth. Phosphorus is found within every cell of the body, working in concert with magnesium for bone and cellular health. Iron is a trace mineral that requires an interaction with magnesium for red blood cell production.

The mineral is an integral part of hundreds of biochemical processes within the body and a magnesium oil spray offers an alternative to supplement pills. The transdermal method of delivery is effective and doesn’t rely on pills that are often large and difficult to swallow, particularly for the elderly.

The elemental magnesium oil spray by Purest Vantage replenishes magnesium and is delivered through the skin directly to skin cells where it can be used as needed by the body. The company’s new formula is specially designed to reduce itchiness that can occur with topical options and features a potent 3,575 mg. of magnesium per ounce.

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