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22 Feb

Jitendra Consulting Group has made its mark in the field of intellectual property with a bang. With its extensive management circle and highly efficient people dealing with some of the most complex situations in the market, this company has fast become the leading business advisory in the Middle East and also worldwide.

Digital revolution has taken the concept of intellectual property by a storm and it was high time that a company came up with innovative ways to deal with this issue. Jitendra Consulting Group, which was founded by Mr. Jitendra Gianchandani offers its clients a new future with their auditing and consultancy services. There are highly experienced accounting experts who are associated with this company and would come to the rescue of the client whenever they are in need.

Trademark registration is a very special service that Jitendra Consulting Group provides to clients. Because of the intricate differentiations in various countries, trademark registration often becomes a complicated job. Keeping in mind the priorities of the client, the consultants in this company would employ the most effective measures to tackle the value chains of the respective company. The company deals in a series of holistic trademark services that include Trademark Registration in Oman, Trademark Registration in KSA, Patents Registration, Copyright Registration, Industrial Design and Registration and Community Trademark Registration

One of the main reasons why this company has been at the helm from the very beginning is because they have been able to help clients to utilize their intellectual properties better so that they can increase the revenue generation. Apart from this, the consultants have a clear understanding of managing the receipts and payments and also managing the royalty. On hiring the services of the company, clients can be rest assured that their intellectual property will be continuously monitored by the advisors so that the performance can be judged after a certain period of time. Their swift decision making and superior management have made them firm favorites in the race of being the top company for providing trademark registrations.

About the company: Jitendra Consulting Group is one of the leading companies that have been highly successful in providing services like real estate consultancy, intellectual property, HR services, management consultancy and business advisory. They are backed by efficient and versatile group of industry experts who are like a gem in their respective fields. Their unmatched strategies, together with their ability to come up with new ideas have made them far superior than any other company in this category.
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