Mankind Just never Stops Pursuing More Comfortable Travels with Airwheel scooter

05 Feb

05, February 2016: Along with wheels coming or going, how many wheels will people meet one day? It’s true that wheels have carried the civilization of human beings through thousands of years till today. The improvement and application of wheels have telling the truth that people has never stopped pursuing comfort and convenience from wheels. In the past decades people invented cars and other vehicles. Now Airwheel brings people its Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooter.


Wheels are usually applied into vehicles which serve people as the helpful machines like cars and buses. Sometimes they also act as the toys which offer people great fun like skateboards. Now wheels, at the hand of Airwheel, have become the carrier of the hottest intelligence technologies today. What will be caused by the collision of classic and new features in the wheels?

The intelligent experiences which have never been experienced on the vehicles before. For the first time electric self-balancing scooters enable people to free their hands while riding vehicles, which has never been offered by traditional vehicles like motorbike and cars. Airwheel S6 electric scooters are the first intelligent scooters which combine sitting-posture ridding and standing posture ridding in designing products. Riders can either stand or sit to ride S6 on different roads as they wish. And S6 electric scooters can accurately receive and feedback to riders’ controls.


Different beauties which can’t be seen on traditional fossil fuel vehicles. The fossil-fuel engines are generally thought as the symbols of power and wildness. So designers have no choice but work hard to adopt all kinds of industrial designs on traditional cars for designing vehicles that are merely for female consumers. Yet the intelligent technologies and electricity technologies give people more impressions of quietness and tenderness. And they are more suitable to design products with unique beauties. Airwheel A3 sitting-posture scooters are the vehicles that are especially designed for female consumers. They have the elegant and sporty appearances and the intelligent functions inside, which make them the cute companions by riders’ side.

What will be the next directions Airwheel will lead the wheel to?

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