People can Experience the Thrills of Out of the Roads With Airwheel

05 Feb

05, February 2016: The city life is boring. So I always want to seek for the excitement that makes my city life interesting and maintain my passion. Now, I really find my own thrill of “cross country riding” on the way to my office. Sound crazy, right? But it’s true because I found the Airwheel S6 electric two-wheeled scooters, which can help me out of the roads while traveling through cities.


As an office worker who just started to work after my graduation, I have found that it’s hard to keep being excited in workdays—I have to get up early for catching up the buses or metro, and I have to get well prepared for the work that is waiting for me. And when I get home after work, I usually only want to lay on the sofa for rest because the traffic peak time really makes me exhausted. So I have spent much time on seeking for the vehicles like self-balancing scooter which help me solve such problems.

Bobcat, my bicycles, has accompanied me for years through all my university time. But definitely it will ruin my work suit if I ride them to offices. And now I am able to afford a used car by myself. But the traffic peak time has witnessed some many cars and drivers that are stuck on the roads. So I suddenly struck myself whether I can find myself a vehicles which can carry me out of the roads till my office.


Luckily, my friends introduced me the Airwheel S6 electric scooters—which are the vehicles which I have imagined for many times while reading scientific fictions. The unique designs and powerful performances out from such small vehicles have really amazed me. With its great portability, I can just ride my S6 “out of the roads”—on the sidewalks or through other buildings and blocks where people can only walk, so the roads which have seen too many nervous expressions on my face may not trouble me again.

Now, I found a new friend for both me and Bobcat.

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