The aesthetics are the first place to start with marble tiles, seeing as they're so striking and make such an impact on the décor of a room. Marble is dark and bold but also shiny and lightly patterned. This means it tends to look glossy, new and minimalist, while retaining a “Ëœclassical' feel - it somehow feels right to be showering surrounded by stone as though you were showing in a waterfall somewhere. For this reason while marble is currently very popular for bathrooms - you can rest assured that it's not going to go out of fashion. While the entirely white bathrooms that you often see these days look very modern and minimalist and are currently very popular, it's only a matter of time before that look becomes very dated and this will ruin the impact of your bathroom - just as today green baths and beige carpet makes a bathroom look somewhat old in its design. Another great thing about the marble look is that while the pattern isn't busy (and is nicely random), it is enough to hide any marks or dirt unlike the completely white look. This means every blemish won't jump out and ruin your bathroom flooring and walls so you can wait longer before you clean and tidy. Marble bathroom tiles also have the benefit of looking good on both the walls and the floor, and can also even be used as surfaces around the sink or on the window sill. This means your bathroom gets a coherent look and a consistent style running throughout making the classy and expensive looking visual impact even more impressive.

Now on to the practical aspects, and there are many great advantages to using marble tiles. Firstly they are durable - incredibly hard to chip or damage (unlike carpet or laminate flooring or even ceramic tiles) meaning that if you drop something it won't break an entire slab. This is good news as the tiles are slightly more expensive to replace, but when you consider their life span it's certainly an investment worth making as you won't need them replaced or exchanged for a very long time. Similarly marble tiles are incredibly quick and easy to clean - as the surface is flat and there are very few gaps (fewer than in say ceramic tiles) you can just wipe any mess straight off the surface of the tiles. In a bathroom where things are regularly spilled (and where it's especially important that it looks and feels clean) this is particularly useful.

At the same time marble flooring proves a lot more resilient than carpet, laminate flooring or ceramic tiles in that it won't go mouldy or start peeling away from the floor. In a room constantly filled with constant steam this is a big boon.

So other than the slightly higher starting price, the only other downside of marble flooring is that it can get cold - but if this is a problem you can simply use a rug or under floor heating making it a great option for anyone who wants a long-lasting “Ëœshow room' look.

Choosing marble bathroom tiles will help extend the life of your bathroom floor. This is because marble tiles, porcelain tiles have a high resilience and timeless look.

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