There are too many people in this world who are hoping to make some quick money by putting up a sign that reads “puppies for sale.“ Unfortunately, there is a market for puppies all the time so it’s almost like an addiction; they have luck selling one litter so they are in a hurry to have a second and so on. When the puppies don’tsell and start growing, it is rare to see a sign in these people’s yards that reads “dogs for sale“ because at this point they are usually free to a good home.

A responsible breeder does not breed just so he can put an ad in the paper to sell his puppy or puppies. The responsible breeder makes sure the breeding dam receives the correct nutrition and extra vitamins and supplements she might need during her pregnancy. The dam has no control how healthy her pup will come out; only the breeder does.

For new breeders who want to be responsible for their puppies, there are many things they should be aware of. One of the first things a new breeder should do is to plan way ahead; when he or she is checking out the dogs for sale ads, special attention should be paid to the pedigrees and backgrounds of both the parents.

We have bred many instincts out of our domesticated dogs. I find even some good breeders don’tget this but we cannot pick and choose which instincts our pups are born with so it is our job to help imprint them correctly. It is also our responsibility to be there when the pups are born. And rather than having puppies for sale ads, many times good breeders have already sold an impending litter to good, loving, responsible homes. These breeders will never have older dogs for sale unless it is on purpose; an example is trained dogs that are imprinted, socialized and prepared to be working dogs.

Please don’tbe eager to put up that puppies for sale sign just to make money or think that what your female dog goes through is “nothing“ and all instincts will take over because that is not the way it happens. Each pup needs your help; each whelping dam is different from the next. Breed responsibly but be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy taking care of your dam and her pups.

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