Smoking and ever rising tobacco consumption have been one of the most difficult and unmanageable problems of addiction that have been proven harmful for the consumers raising serious health concerns. Now there is a reason to relax as Rasta Vapes is now available online for providing the one stop solution to healthy Vape smoking substitutes. Apart from being an authorized dealer for several top-notch brands of vaporizer pens and accessories the company has ample supply of the Medi-Puff Vaporizer Pens that have huge demand among the customers.  


A brief description of the product will provide the precise idea about the product and its contents. The Medi-Puff electric Vaporizer Pens are like normal cigarettes that the users can carry with them on the go and can take the puffs without any requirement of carrying a matchbox or a lighter. The lithium- ion battery is convenient for as much as 400 and even more life cycles. The product has only dry herbal ingredients without any traces of toxins. The battery requires about 6 hours of charging initially but later the charging duration will depend on the consumption. The ingredients like peppermint and eucalyptus provide a fresh essence in the mouth eliminating any chances of catching cold at any point of time.


The product kit contains the USB Charger, Dry Herbs Heating Chamber, Oil Chambers and Containers, Mesh Filters, Adapter etc. The instruction manual provides the complete set of instructions on how the product can be used. There is an LED indicator to show when the pen needs to be charged.


The Medi-Puff Vaporizer Pens have gained great positive review from the customers who regularly use the product. The product is portable and cost effective alternative to traditional cigarette and other expensive tobacco items. Providing the best tobacco quitting solutions these puff pens provide the same essence and taste as that of the cigarettes. The manufacturers have used passion flower as one of the ingredients in the refills that serves as a great stress reducer that also works well for chain smokers who are cursed with higher stress levels.


The customers can purchase the associated products such as the titanium nails, glass oil extractors and other necessary medipuff attachments online by visiting the Rasta Vapes website. The orders are shipped on the same day and there are no shipping charges for the US based customers who can make payments through credit cards and PayPal.


Company Profile: Rasta Vapes is one of the leading authorized wholesaler and retailer of the Medipuff vaporizer pen. The organization has its outlet situated on Bay St, San Francisco. Having a customer base across several locations in the USA, they operate their official website where the interested buyers can order their products to avail discounts and offers. Over the years of excellence in customer service and selling A grade smoking substitute products and accessories, the company has now become one of the most trusted sources for purchasing both big size as well as portable tobacco free smoking solutions.  See the Video Here!


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