Rasta Vapes, the San Francisco based premier company specializing in the supply of Electronic Vaporizer pens is now available online at their official website. The electric vaporizer pens sold are completely safe for health and best alternatives for traditional tobacco based cigarettes. The natural herbal ingredients are tested and found safe for regular usage without compromising on the essence of the classical smoking products.


Customers can now purchase the products such as Medipuff Vaporizer Pens, Vhit Oil Vaporizer, Dry Herb Atomizer, Honey Oil Atomizer Globe, w5 Oil Wax Atomizer, Silver 510 Oil Atomizer, Afterburner G Pen Vaporizer Atomizer, Afterburner G Pen Wax Oil Vape and many other products. The Oil Dome Sets, high quality Titanium Nails that are made from GR2 Titanium are suitable for producing dense smoke that the users can conveniently inhale to get the best ever experience. The indention based adapter is recycling friendly and the customers can follow the user instructions on how they can use these products with the vaporizer.


There are certain product compatibility matches that are mentioned on the website on the product description pages. People using the honey oil can purchase the Glass Oil Extractor that is stain and odor free and very easy to use. Apart from Vaporizers Rasta Vapes is also a prime whole seller and retailer of various essential container products. The Non Stick Honey Oil containers are made of food grade silicone and available in three vibrant colors. These microwave safe air tight containers are affordable in price and fit for carrying while traveling long distances.


The vaporizer products are available in large and portable sizes. The dry herb based Sneak a Vape is a portable vaporizer pen is a pocket size product that the users can easily carry with them anywhere. There is no need for carrying matches or other associated items for using these pens. The company sells non toxic products only. All these products have free delivery facilities across the USA. The customers can make their payments via Credit Cards or through PayPal as per their convenience.


Company Profile: Rasta Vapes is the seller of herb based non toxic vaporizer products and accessories. Their outlet is based at Bay St, San Francisco. Over the years, the overwhelming response from the potential customers has urged the need for assorting to a convenient medium for selling their products and services. With this motif the company has now inaugurated their website to cater to the requirements of the distant customers and that too at discounted prices with no applicable charges for shipping.


The company only sells tested products that are safe and durable. Rasta Vapes is the official dealer of Skyda brand products such as Skyda 8 Vaporizer Pen. Besides this the company is also associated with other brands like Medipuff, Afterburner G alongside vaporizer parts and accessories. All products are sold along with the product guide and complete kit for the convenience of the users.


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Company: Rasta Vapes

Contact Person: John Brown

Address: 1420 Bay St, San FranciscoCA94123

Website: http://www.rastavapes.com

Email: [email protected]

Tel. No.: 1-415-315-6042