(Submit Articles) Every one dreams a romantic and unique wedding. But generally speaking, the wedding costs more than $28,000 and only the wedding dress would cost about $5000.
So, many couples are also seeking wedding tips in saving money on the big day. Luckily, the following lists about wedding photography are concluded in detail for those brides- to-be.
Photography DIY
1. Choose Photographer paid by hour. When you want reduce cost on photographing, hire Photographer paid by hour is much cost-effective. Then, you will not need to pay them a whole day’s wage.
2. Discuss service details ahead of time. Remember to make clear about the serve before wedding so as to avoid extra money.
3. Photographer choosing. In most cases, photographer for wedding is necessary. So if you are familiar with any cameramen, you will get big deal on the fees.
4. New choice in digital age. There is no necessary for you to develop the photos, why not choose CD?
5. Develop photos yourself. Nowadays, most photographers use digital cameras, so you could take the photos to studio if possible.
6. Buy wedding album. Although most studios will provide album for you, yet you still could album and arrange the photos yourself, saving money as well as full of sweetness.
7. Rely on the internet. You are not gifted in photo arranging? Well, the interest has decent service, order album to the online photo store, they will arrange wedding photos free for you.
8. Upload the photos on the interest. Sharing your photos on the internet is also good idea, since the guests could choose their favorites.
9. Keep the unedited video. If the photography take videos for you, you could ask for unedited video so that you could add anything you want to your video.
10. DIY. Also, you could invite friends who are good at photographing for your wedding photography. In this way, you are total freedom to deal with the precious memory for your wedding.
Simple & precious gifts
11. Say no to expensive gifts. As for gifts, there is no need to consider expensive gifts, those smart yet suitable for wedding themes would be good. For example, scarves with cute bells would be suitable for garden wedding.
12. Choice of candy. I am convinced that no guest will care too much about candy, so order ordinary candy, and send them with personalized candy box will be OK.
13. Advocate green wedding . Green wedding has already become a hot trend, so never worry about the misunderstanding that save money on wedding is stingy. When necessary, collect as more wedding tips as possible.

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