The condition of sweaty palms is very common among the people of whole world. Almost 25% of the world population is affected by the condition of sweaty palms. It is famous by the name of palmar hyperhidrosis. Though the exact cause of the sweaty palms is still unknown and many debates are held by the experts to sort out the exact cause of the sweaty palms. But according to many experts, sweaty palms are caused by hyperactive sympathetic nervous system. It compels the sweat glands to produce sweat unnecessarily.

Our body uses sweating as a device which helps our body to regulate its temperature and also to keep everything running in smooth condition. Millions of sweat glands are present in our body and about half of it is present in our hands. Usually the sweat gland releases the sweat when our body becomes agitated due to stress, extreme temperatures or by physical exertion. The sweat which is released helps to cool the body at its optimal temperature range. Sweaty palms are experienced more in the person who has severe palmar hyperhidrosis. In this condition the people suffer from severe discomfort and embarrassment in performing their day to day tasks.

Several home remedies are available which are helpful in reducing the affect of sweaty palms.

1. Soaking your hands in the tea is very effective for reducing the problem of sweaty palms. Boil at least 10 minutes the five tea bags in a quart of water. After cooling down of the solution soak your hands for at least 20-30 minutes nightly. In fact we don't know that the tea contains tannic acid which is easily found in the commercial products. You can also hold the tea bags in the palm for 15-20 minutes daily. It will reduce perspiring palms for absorption.

2. We can get 40% remedies by rubbing alcohol in our both the palms. Rubbing the alcohol in our palms leaves your hands clean and cooler by absorbing the moisture. According to the dermatologist, some of the recommended medicines are available for this problem. It is a definite solution for this problem however it makes our skin a little itchy.

3. The problem of sweaty palm can also be reduced by carrying a small rosin bag in your right hand pocket. Before shaking hands, put your hand in the pocket and grip the rosin bag. Rosin bags are available at most sporting goods stores in the tennis department.

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