Considered the ultimate solution to effortless Fat Loss, and has the highest concentration per capsule, the BioGanix’s Pure Garcinia Cambogia Premium 1600mg is a revolutionary fat buster that will suppresses your appetite, prevent fat from being stored and boost your metabolism, so that you can lose weight without exercise, effort or a special diet. 

Currently available on, the Garcinia Cambogia extract is on offer at massive 70 per cent discount, according to the product’s spokesperson, Bertus Englbrecht. 

The clinically proven Garcinia Cambogia extract, according to Bertus, has also been highly rated and recommended by industry experts, chief among them Dr. Oz, who claimed it to be the fastest natural weight loss, no diet, no exercise and no effort product. 

The Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract Use is a dietary supplement used to aid fat loss and appetite suppression. “Just simply taking two of Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract’s veggie capsules daily and you will feel full and stop cravings for food,” says Bertus. 

“Dr. Oz recommends, for those looking for quicker weight loss results, to take 500-1000mg before each meal (1 capsule), and not exceeding 3000mg total per day (3 capsules),” says Bertus, who also recommends “taking 800mg of Garcinia Cambogia at the same time each day, 3 times a day, with a meal to maximize your results.” 

“This will help you to suppress your appetite, eat less, and help burn fat naturally, while boosting metabolism,” he adds. 

Even though the Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a very safe supplement to use, for most people, Bertus advises that before persons starting taking this weight loss supplement, they should first consult their healthcare provider. 

“I strongly recommend this if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription medications or a diabetic or suffering from Alzheimers or dementia,” adds Bertus. 

How Does Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1600mg work exactly? 

According to the product’s spokesperson, the Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract 1600mg slows down the production of an enzyme in the body that is linked to fat creation. “When this enzyme is reduced, your body will burn any excess carbs you consume. When the excess carbs are burned off, there’s is nothing left over to create fat and will amplify the effects weight loss,” the spokesperson explains. 

On the other hand, persons who take Garcinia Cambogia Extract, according to the product’s spokesperson, can expect the following results: 

- Feel Less Hungry, from day 1.
- Drop dress sizes quickly.
- Reduced belly and excess fat!
- Block fat production.
- Increase metabolism for increased energy
- Enhanced serotonin levels for feeling of well-being.
- Increased focus and energy for a happier life.
- Get only the highest quality pure ingredients
- No side effects, or caffeine crash

According to the spokesperson, consumers who purchase and use Garcinia Cambogia Extract and does not lose weight will get their money back, guaranteed. 

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