SaveBright, on the Internet at, is Australia’s number one LED lighting distributor offering downlights, tubes, outdoor LEDs and fluorescents. All of their lights are Australia and New Zealand-approved, have a minimum warranty of 3 years and are guaranteed to save money on electricity.

“We have gathered the finest and most innovative LED designs in the world to make it easy for our customers to find what they need. Because LED technology is advancing so rapidly, homeowners and contractors need a reliable expert they can trust to find them exactly the product they need. SaveBright is that expert.” — David Revay, President, SaveBright

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have been around since 1962, but recent innovations have increase the colour range, brightness and reduced the costs of these energy saving devices. Today, LEDs can replace nearly every light in a home, business or public facility. Because there is no flicker and they are exponentially bright than conventional lights, LEDs can save thousands in electricity and help to reduce pollution from electricity generation.

“With an energy savings that can be up to 80%, the return on the initial purchase of these lights can be in less than a few months. After that, the savings can be in the thousands depending on the number of lights and how long they are used.” — David Revay, President, SaveBright

SaveBright strives to provide an appropriate LED luminaire to replace every form of costly and inefficient lighting. Their range is constantly expanding to suit all forms of common commercial and residential lighting products.

  • Extensive range of long life LED downlights, tubes, panels and lamps.
  • Descriptive specification and savings sheets available for all products.
  • Please note that lead-time varies based on the products selected.

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SaveBright is Australia’s fastest growing company providing a range of high quality LED lighting solutions. Innovative LED products designed by Aussies, for Aussies. Our LED range includes Halogen Replacement LED Downlights, LED Tubes, Panels, Bulbs and Floodlights.

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