TMJ is an acronym for Temporomandibular muscle and joint disorder. The pain is caused due to displacement of the cartilage where the lower jaw that connects the skull causing stretching and pressuring the sensory nerves. However, there is as yet no exact cause known for developing TMJ disorders.

A full blown case of jaw surgery is rare, because usually the TMJ dysfunctions can be treated within two weeks’ time, given your jaw muscles a proper rest. The jaw surgery recovery varies from one individual to another and the severity of the TMJ condition.

Many individuals with TMJ disorder experiences numbness, pain, problem in opening their mouth, jaw clicking and that entire portion hurts and at times the pain is unbearable. However, some individuals opt for a medical ailment whereas some opt for TMJ home treatment .

TMJ disorder treatment at home is effective and primarily characterized by various TMJ exercises. The majority of the home TMJ treatments are focused on strengthening the muscles around the tongue, jaw, shoulders, neck and the throat. The doctors also recommend a mouth guard device to slip into the mouth — it is a plastic device that fits over your lower teeth in the mouth. The job of this device is to lower the pain and reduce the grinding and clenching of the teeth. It also helps resolve the stress developed in the jaw muscles. TMJ treatments at home are very practical for any TMJ sufferer to perform.

Exercise and Warm Compress

Try slowly opening and closing the mouth using the lower jaw, If the pain is bearable it is suggested to move it from side to side slowly. Repeat this TMJ exercise couple of times but makes sure not to overdo it, it may worsen the condition. The best way to alleviate the problem is to maintain the right positioning of the area suffered.

Warm compresses can help to relax muscles, relieving the stress and tension from that area. It is a good exercise for the jaw.


The purpose is not a weight loss to make that clear. Chewing hard food may develop the tension, so it is best to avoid those food items. Eat warm soft food that is less stressful on the jaw movements. Make a point to eat a well-balanced nutritional food and drinking lots of fluid is surely going to recover quickly.

Apart from this, try wearing the mouth guard during the day for a few minutes. JawFlex have recently introduced their mouth guard that has aided many TMJ disorders. The mouth guard from this brand has certainly given positive results in treating this disorder.

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