A father-and-son team of martial artists from Virginia have recently proved that the styles taught by academies such as Trident Academy do actually yield results. At a competition in Ireland, Willie Cordy Jr. and son Willie Cordy III, of Hampton Roads, VA, came away with three medals.

With his father acting as the coach, the younger Cordy, age 14, ranked second in three of the events of the XIV World Martial Arts Games, held last August in Dublin, Ireland. Competing among representatives from twenty-six different countries, Willie Cordy III managed to prove the effectiveness of Virginia martial arts, and schools such as Trident Academy, by placing second in the competition.

Cordy’s medals were mostly achieved on the third day of the Games, August 9. After earning the top score in three of his matches, the youth managed to progress to the gold medal round, but was defeated and had to settle for second place. His father stated that this bittersweet victory had been a life lesson for the young man, who was nevertheless treated to a party upon arrival, organized by his family and friends.

To fund this trip, Cordy and his father used donations, both from close friends and family and from sponsors. The duo made a point of thanking everyone who donated for making their 16-day adventure possible and for offering their support, without which their success would not have been possible.

Before heading to the World Martial Arts Games, Cordy III took part in the State Games of America, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He then went on to compete in the 2013 Keystone Games, amid 6.000 athletes from all sorts of different sports and from all over America. In the wake of his triumph in Dublin, the 14-year-old will go on to compete in the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympics, in his home state.

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