DataLink Technologies Group Inc is proud to announce that it now offers an excellent solution for those looking for Ethernet/ip dh+ answers. For over 20 years, DataLink Technologies Group Inc has been providing connection solutions for its customers. Now, they offer an outstanding Ethernet/ip dh+ solution in the form of their GW1000 gateway.

Past customers already know how superior DataLink Technologies Group Inc products are. They are reliable, stable, and easy to install and use. Now that the company is doing its own engineering, it is able to meet even more of its customer’s needs. This is shown with the introduction of the GW1000 gateway for Ethernet users.

The products that this company offer easily interface computers, modems, OEM equipment, variable speed drives and SCADA systems to Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus and Remote I/O Link, Modicon Modbus, Siemens, Toshiba and custom protocols.

Now, DataLink Technologies Group Inc is manufacturing its own single converter, multi-protocol gateway for (AB) Allen Bradley PLC users. This product provides a one-box protocol DH+/DH-485 converter between Ethernet IP, AB Ethernet, ModTCP and serial (DF1, ASCII, Modbus) protocols. Also available is custom engineering to AB Data Highway Plus (DH+) and DH-485.

Beginning in 2007, DataLink Technologies Group Inc added engineering and manufacturing to its existing distribution channel. They did this by designing and manufacturing a highly flexible GW1000 gateway. As they are now doing their own engineering, DataLink can provide better customer service to their valued clients as well as offer reduced prices on their products. This new model also allows to company to help clients reduce their dependency on existing suppliers. Their Ethernet/ip dh+ gateway is only a single example of how DataLink Technologies Group Inc is providing stable, reliable and affordable connection solutions to its customers.

DataLink Technologies Group Inc paid attention to their customers and the feedback that those customers sent in. This feedback brought about the creation of their single-box DH+/DH-485 interface, the GW1000 platform, which is now on sale at a lower price ($1,395 list). This multi-protocol gateway acts like a small dh+ Controllogix gateway that can easily be converted by the client for other applications which can include serial DF1, ASCII, Modbus, ModTCP as well as customized to AB’s DH+ and DH-485.

As mentioned above, DataLink Technologies Group Inc takes pride in its excellent manufacturing processes. This dedication to quality has led to thousands of GW1000 units being put into service around the world. The company offers an outstanding quality assurance policy which can be read, in detail, at their website.

To learn more about DataLink Technologies Group Inc or to find out more about their Ethernet/ip dh+ solutions, visit their website. Visitors to the site will find information on the company as well as their products. Current price lists are available. For those with questions, contact information is also available. Visit their website today and see how the new GW1000 gateway and how DataLink Technologies Group Inc is helping its customers to meet their connectivity issues with new solutions to old problems.