When it comes to laptops, the smallest little problem can make accessing anything on your computer impossible. If your Laptop LCD is not functioning properly, then it won’t matter how well you can access things on your machine, you won’t be able to use those files if you are not able to see them! Often times a laptop LCD malfunction can occur with the smallest thing. If the laptop accidentally falls you could get a crack or a break on the screen, or you may be seeing something like blck dots or fuzzy appearances on your screen. In some scenarios your entire screen may literally come unhinged. Whatever the problem is, you know that taking it to a repair shop is going to cost you a fortune, and you never know how long you are going to be without your machine. By the time a part is ordered, and the labor is invested, you could be without a computer for weeks. If you are running a business or going to school, you simply can’t afford that. Find out how to avoid all of that hassle and repair your laptop LCD yourself! It’s easier than you think.

In order for you to repair your own laptop LCD, you will need some tools. A screw driver with a Philips head, elmer’s or Krazy Glue, a credit card (as a tool), and a small container to hold the parts that you will be taking apart. You will also need your new part, but you will not be able to order that until you have taken apart the screen to find the correct part number. Fret not, it is easy as pie.

The first thing you need to do is take your battery out and unplug the machine. Anytime you are fixing a mechanical device, cutting the power sources is a good first step. Find the rubber bumpers that are around the plastic case that surrounds your screen and remove them off and place in the container mentioned above. Under each of those is a screw that you will remove with your Phillips screwdriver and put into the same container used for small parts. Depending on your laptop LCD model, you may also need to remove the screws on the hinges for the laptop LCD.

You can then remove the bezel that holds the housing for the screen, and this is where the credit card comes in handy. Gently slide it in between the front and back bezel, sometimes glue is used to hold these two pieces together so you will need to be as gentle as possible in order to avoid cracking the bezel. Remove any screws you see once this is removed, and this should leave the screen free. Unplug the wire connecting the screen and lift the laptop LCD screen from its frame.

On the back of the screen you will see the part number you will need to order. Be sure to order the precise number that you see here as you don’t want to order the wrong laptop LCD screen. Once you receive your new laptop LCD in the mail, you simply reverse the process to install the laptop LCD in the exact opposite way that you removed the broken one. When looking for a new laptop LCD component, visit us today for a look at almost any make and model available!