A new component trailer tracking system for trailer fleets has been reported to significantly improve trailer usage, resulting in up to ten percent savings for Transport Exchange drivers. Through 24 hour monitoring, update alerts and real-time visibility to all users, the system can calculate how to reduce the number of trailers needed for the same amount of work, and take any unnecessary personnel off the roads. 

With the rising cost of transportation for suppliers and consumers, it is critical to optimise fleets in this way to manage expenses. Whether the vehicles involved are owned by the drivers or leased by companies such as the Transport Exchange group, it is essential that the system used to track trailers is accurate and efficient enough to monitor their performance as well as their location. With a better, more rounded analysis of a fleet’s efficiency or lack thereof, the consumer can then get a complete picture of progress, at which point they can save on costs. This makes fleets much more responsible for their cargo, therefore improving on overall customer service. 

As well as efficient management of the workload of the fleets, there are other, more advanced features within the system. Customers now have the ability to set key performance indicators to track fleet trailer performance against the plan they have laid out, receiving information about on- time departures, and actual arrival times compared to estimated times. Alerts are sent real-time to the customer containing all of the trailer fleet’s information, and to the managers so they can make all the necessary changes to assure good quality performance. 

With these new additions to their already helpful trailer tracking system (as well as many more such as temperature monitoring and geofences management), the UK based company responsible for the system is set to greatly improve overall management and performance of trailer fleets. 

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