According to a recent report conducted by an online shopping delivery company, UK workers have up to 200 million parcels delivered to their workplace per year, by parcel couriers such as those provided by the Transport Exchange group. 

The report from the UK based delivery company, specialising in online shopping, showed that 10 percent of employees say that their bosses have put a stop to the practice. On the other hand, 11 percent of the workers interviewed said that, on average, they have five or more parcels delivered to them at the workplace, and 28 percent said they were happy with measures put in place to allow them to receive their online orders, saying the measure increased convenience for them at the workplace. 

The company commented that the rise in the popularity of online shopping has clearly affected the majority of UK workers, since its nature requires somebody to be able to collect and sign for deliveries at home, which is not always possible because of work and other commitments. In response to this, many workers order packages to the workplace because they know that somebody will be there to receive it for them. Of course, this can be impractical for a lot of the busier work environments, which has led to the introduction of mail rooms for employees, which allow them to securely receive parcels they have bought online at the workplace. This also prevents couriers delivering said parcels from disturbing other workers at the company in the middle of their working day. 

With these new measures securely in place to handle the rapidly growing numbers of parcels being delivered to the workplace, the trend is sure to continue; as a result, couriers delivering online shopping, like the ones provided by the Transport Exchange group, can expect to be making 200 million deliveries to UK workplaces per year for the foreseeable future. 

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