Buy, Read & then Sell again in the virtual book market.

Buying and selling of used books is one of the major e-commerce concepts that has in recent past gained the attention of online book market. But there are very few players who’re resolute to take the first plunge. A1Books India has successfully created a virtual market place for both buyers and sellers of second hand books, termed as used books, within a couple of years after its entrance into the huge Indian market. In addition to its vast collection of over 3 million ready-to-ship new books, it’s the used books market where A1Books has its eyes on.

The Founder & CEO of A1Books, Mr. Shinu Gupta says, “After a decade long experience in online business and with a hands-on expertise in the e-commerce model, the decision was not any serendipity. The strategy is clear. Prices of used books leave more money in consumer’s pocket, exposes them to a wider range of books & they tend to notice authors whom otherwise they wouldn’teven know.“

So, why India? Mr. Kishore Venkatesh, heading the marketing & operations of A1Books India has an answer to this. “In a large country like India with far flung remote areas, the simple process of selling and buying second hand low-priced books is sure to raise reader’s interest.“ He further adds, “The concept in itself is exciting ““ Buy, Read and Sell to save money to buy more books! A used book listing makes even the rarest book easily available at inviting prices“.

The choice has been left to you. It’s the exhausting search of several hours for rare titles in a physical store versus search at, where you can compare the price, condition, shipping time and shipping cost involved to get the best possible bargain.

About A1Books

WebNotions Inc., founded by Mr. Shinu Gupta is a decade old US-based firm providing online marketplace solution for the consumer products and business-to-business categories world-wide.

A1Books India, the Indian venture of WebNotions Inc. is a platform to sell and buy books online from Indian and International publishers and sellers under one roof.

A1Books is the pioneer in launching a marketplace exclusively for books in India. With millions of books on all subjects for all ages and a wide range of eBooks & magazines in major regional languages, A1Books India is No.1 online bookstore of India.

WebNotions Inc. headquartered in New Jersey and headed by the founder & CEO of A1Books, Mr. Shinu Gupta, primarily operates in the online book market and has successfully transformed into an enterprise comprising of an Online Division, Wholesale Division and Retail Division. It has grown from a company of one man to an enterprise poised to redefine the online marketplace for books, other consumer products and beyond.

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