(Submit Articles) Scinet Corporation & Global Partnership Program: Innovation for Humanity!

Due to the overwhelming volume of orders for our Mini-P units, spanning from more than 200 countries, Scinet Corporation implemented a worldwide network of Assembly Plant Centers to be installed in the location, country, or region of the world where our Mobile Production Mini-plants units are requested for innovative and diverse manufacturing solutions.

Each Assembly Plant Center has the capacity to produce our vast catalog of Mini-P units, including but not limited to: Bread Bakeries, Water Purification & Desalination, Dehydrated Food Elaboration, Steel Nails, Fruit Juice Preparation, Egg production, Clothing Items, Plastic Bottles, Food Preparation & Canning, Medical Assistance Units, Sanitary Materials, Thermoplastic Items, Plastic Goods, Tire Retreading, Corrugated Steel Sheets, Welded Wire Mesh, and others production systems.

The Mobile Production Mini-P system is the only manufacturing system in the world that provides up to six (6) of the most essential products for basic sustenance for just one dollar ($1.00) per day.

In order to quantify the potential that these Mini-P units have, a Mini-P can produce more than 17,000 pieces of bread daily with only two operators; a second Mini-P model can produce 50 million steel nails a year and another model can produce more than 60,000 liters of drinking water a day for a population of 30,000 people.

Our extensive market analysis and research cemented our strategic approach. The most effective policy is to install Assembly Plant Centers in countries and regions where Mini-P units are most needed and requested.

Making use of local resources, local labor, certain local suppliers and local equipment. One of the many advantageous features of the Assembly Plant Center is that it will be connected to our World Trade System network and be able to access over 60 million commodities, raw materials, products and services, as well as the system's automated international trade transactions.

Scinet Corporation is selecting strategic supplier-partners to implement our Global Partnership Program in conjunction with our Assembly Plant Center network. Assembly Plant Centers, as well as all Mini-P units, would be integrated into a system that ensures full assistance: immediate application of Scinet Corporation technologies, permanent access to raw material supplies, equipment, and spare parts and access to a global commercial outlet for their products.

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