Any gun owner who wants to be a responsible gun owner will take the measures necessary to store his firearms safely and securely while they are not in use. Accidental gun deaths are down considerably nationwide thanks to the more widespread use of gun safes and greater awareness of proper handling procedures, but the only way for this positive trend to continue is if every owner remains committed to safe hand gun storage: here are some options.

Trigger LocksM

Trigger locks are generally comprised of one or two pieces of heavy plastic or metal that either lock into place behind the trigger making it impossible to fire, or that completely cover the trigger area altogether. Currently, such locks are only available for hand guns and they generally can only be unlocked with the use of a key. Trigger locks do indeed prevent impulse playing by children, but they are not considered foolproof safety solutions since some models can be easily disassembled with standard household tools.

Portable Vaults

Notebook-style gun safes are a convenient way to keep your firearm secure while allowing for easy portability too. This type of safe is lightweight, compact and can easily fit in a briefcase, day pack or under the seat of a car. Entry mechanisms can be touch pad or combination, making them virtually impossible to access by someone without authority to do so.

Biometric Vaults

These types of safes have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years thanks to the rapid advances in biometric technologies. One or more sets of authorized fingerprints are programmed into the locking device, enabling absolutely foolproof access. Most quality models are designed with precise fittings making them impossible to break into with standard tools. Because they are so secure and allow near-instant access, biometric models have become the must-have option for homeowners who want to keep loaded handguns closely at hand for personal protection.

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