Bizerba's K-class series is now complete ““ modern generation of scales with open standards

Balingen, 29th June 2010 - Innovative scales concepts with sales assisting functions, visual merchandising and further multimedia applications directly at the point of sale (POS) are more popular than ever. Bizerba has answered the strong demand of the market with the now complete multimedia PC scales series K- class. All models are conceived according to open standards. They function optimally with the Bizerba Software family RetailFramework, but can also be operated with software from other manufacturers.

“The PC scales from our K-class series support all modern retail tasks: from weighing and using the till, to advertising and printing right up to consulting. Fitted with touch screen and customer-side display, the PC scales are the ideal multimedia platform for extensive article information, which we at Bizerba describe as values for sales assistant training, advertising and sales planning“, says Matthias Harsch, spokesman for the management at Bizerba.
“The touch technology allows a flexible design of the operating interfaces and the sales sequences in any situation“, Harsch continues. The scales were conceived according to open standards and therefore can be seamlessly integrated into the existing IT infrastructure; external applications can be integrated or supplemented.

Passive cooling and reduced energy use support environmental protection

The K-class PC scales are now fitted with a state-of-the-art, high-performance processor. It supports multimedia applications even better. “We have reduced the power consumption of the scales in continuous operation by ten watts. The use of a new X86 platform lowers the energy use by a third. Therefore we not only reduce the operating costs of the user, we also fulfil the criteria of Green IT ““ in spite of the higher processor capability“, says Harsch. Peripheral devices such as displays are be turned off during pauses in operation, unless they are used for in-store advertising.

The K-class also has passive cooling, which makes an inbuilt fan superfluous. With this concept the heat is emitted into the ambient air via cooling ribs. The advantages are obvious: “As there is no air circulation, the scales on the counter work with an extremely low level of noise and emit less heat in to the environment. This is a particular advantage in cooling areas. Additionally, less foreign bodies accumulate in the device itself. Thus passive cooling also guarantees a higher level of system reliability“, Harsch continues.

Supporting well-established remote service tools

Remote access to the scales is also possible by remote service. If difficulties occur, the Bizerba e-service can eliminate them remotely and promptly in many cases. After being assigned by the customer Bizerba product specialists will access the devices and in this way can analyse and eliminate defects. Thus, the e-service reduces service operations on site and allows for shorter shut-down times due to prompt diagnosis. This not only saves the customer hard cash, but also time. Additionally, it is possible to quickly carry out area-wide software updates e.g. in all branches. This way all branches will work with uniform programme versions without service operations on site. Apart from software updates this technology also allows functional changes within the existing software, saving of device configuration files and remote operation.

The K-class model fits every area of use

Due to its modular design there is a K-class model for every area of use. The PC scales are used as desk, hanging or stand scales by sales personnel, at self service counters and during price labelling.
All scales have a 12 inch sales assistant display and a 7 or 12 inch customer display. The customer-side display turns the scales into a modern advertising tool.

The stand scale can also be fitted with a camera for optical article recognition, an optimum addition for innovative and future-oriented markets. The scales recognise the product to be weighed with unequalled and unique certainty. Thanks to the optical article recognition, operation is more comfortable for the user.
If you combine the scale with a till drawer you can create a flexible till solution.

The PC scales can be fitted with a double printer for printing receipts and labels if required. In this way it is possible to print receipts, recommendations and user information separately. Optionally a printer for linerless, self-adhesive labels can be used. This alternative to the classic clamping pliers closes the bags hygienically. Receipts and labels can be printed individually; a roll diameter of up to 120mm reduces the number of roll changes.


You can buy optimally adapted receipt and linerless paper for all scales from the modular K-class series via Bizerba. The use of in-house consumables increases the reliability enormously and therefore the life span of the devices.

About Bizerba:

Bizerba is a leading, worldwide-operating technology company offering professional system solutions in scale, label, information and food service technologies, in the retail, food industry, producing and logistic segments. Sector-specific hardware and software, high-performance network-compatible management systems as well as a wide selection of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and high-level availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present in over 120 countries ““ with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries, as well as 54 country distributors. In 2009, company turnover decreased by approx. 9 % compared to previous year. The company’s headquarters, with a staff of 3,000, is located in Balingen, Germany. Further manufacturing facilities are located in Meßkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfäffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (USA) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico).

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