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London based women’s fitness innovator Fit for a Princess has released figures that suggest its outdoor bootcamp training programmes could be the secret to the perfect body: long term, not just for a couple of weeks in the summer.

According to Fit for a Princess, whose research figures are backed up by accepted findings in the wider scientific communities, their bootcamp programmes address two vital requirements for a long term, properly maintained body beautiful. In the first instance, the outdoor workouts they run in London’s parks are done in the morning. Morning exercise has been scientifically proven to be far more effective for real fitness benefit: studies show that people who exercise in the morning are much more likely to develop a routine, and still be exercising a year from their start date. That, of course means women’s fitness that lasts: and that means not a beach body or a holiday body, but a happy, fit body for life.

In the second instance, surveys have proven that outdoor exercise, which is exactly what Fit for a Princess bootcamp sessions are, are a whopping 30% more effective than indoor training. Fresh air and exercise is indeed the best thing for a trim figure and a happy mind. Fit for a Princess, founded by Janey Holliday runs regular outdoor bootcamp sessions hosted by qualified, professional women trainers. Aimed at all levels of fitness and training, Fit for a Princess bootcamp sessions provides a perfect outdoor environment for women to train in.

Fit for a Princess ’ early morning women’s fitness workouts are high cardio, delivering Pilates based routines for the capital’s women in the wonderful settings of the city’s parks.


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