pandora beads&charms
August 30, 2009---Pandora beads are hand-crafted pieces of jewelry that are sold at fine gift and jewelry stores. They started out in Northern Europe and their popularity allowed them to expand into North America. Because you build them yourself, they are as individual as you are. Before you can build a Pandora bracelet, find out what your options are and how to find a dealer.
Locate an authorized pandora beads online. Casijewelry,INC. is an authorized retailer &wholesaler on line.
Choose the style of Pandora bracelet you want in silver or gold. Choose the size of your bracelet. The smallest is 7.1 inches; the largest is 9.1 inches.
Pick the clips you want on your pandora beads. The clips may be the same or look different. The clips attach to the elevated places on the jewelry.
Choose the beads/charms/gems/letters for your bracelet. There are over 600 styles of beads to pick from.
Look over your bracelet. You may change any of the components you don\'t like before you check out.
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