(Submit Articles) I think you are no exception to what majority of people thinks and are looking for a designer wear that is elegant and provides enhanced longevity and offers better value for money. If yes, then designer wear from the house of Paul Smith is just the right choice for you.

Paul Smith clothes are continually offering a variety of colors and styles to fit any mans need. They have recently added the Paul Smith bag, dubbed, Sir Paul's office, it has bright colors and prints derived from the famous designers office. Paul Smith clothes are guaranteed to improve the image of any man. The newest Paul Smith shirt collection has his trademark multi-stripe signature in the collar and characteristic clean look. The crispness in lines and masculine stitching make these shirts a perfect fit for excursions such as golf, camping, cocktail-bar hopping or a quiet dinner in a posh restaurant. There is also a wide variety of Paul Smith cufflinks available in many shapes and colors appropriate for any occasion. The starting price is around 65.00$, quite reasonable for such a noted designer. The Paul Smith clothing range is simply designed.

Paul Smith shoes come in the classic canvas shoe, but with a red flannel design. They are also available in a more contemporary suede leather, but with a much more sporty look.The loafers from Paul Smith mens shoes are all slip ons. They come in black, brown, tan, deep purple etc. Some of them are crafted from washed leather and some have suede finish. They have fabric window inserts with embossed soles. All shoes have slight heels. Cervantes is another pair of designer mens shoes from Paul Smith with printed stock. Emerald line of collection has oxford look with Prince of Wales check fabric inserted to the sides. The boots from Paul Smith shoes are also made of dip dyed washed leather and have zip opening at the back. They have slightly pointed but rounded toe caps.

Paul Smith shoes and shirts are all the rage and for those who wish to buy them become the centre of attention. Everyone should feel good about the way they look during their life and Paul Smith is a great way to attain the look you are seeking.

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